Welcome, I’m Constantin, WordPress plugins developer and jQuery craftsman. This is my digital home where I share ideas, plugins and common practices.
If you’re looking for WordPress or jQuery plugins, take a look at my collection below. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.


  • WordPress YouTube plugin – easy video import

    Version: 1.2 April 8, 2015

    Create a WordPress video blog in minutes by importing YouTube videos with complete description, title and category. With HTML5 player support, lots of importing options and player customizations. iPad and iPhone compatible, responsive, video playlists, shortcodes, widgets and more.

  • MooTools YouTube player & playlist

    Version: 2.0 March 14, 2013

    MooTools 1.4.5 class that allows embedding of YouTube videos website pages. Support for YouTube’s HTML5 player and touch enabled; fallback capability from Flash player to HTML5 player. Compatible with all modern browsers and iPhone/iPad.

  • jQuery YouTube player with playlist

    Version: 1.0 March 13, 2013

    jQuery plugin that allows quick embedding of YouTube videos in any page. Touch enabled, supports YouTube’s HTML5 player. Fallback capability from Flash player to HTML5 player. Compatible with all modern browsers and iPhone/iPad.

  • WordPress Media Gallery in plugins

    Version: 1.0 May 27, 2015 417 downloads

    Tutorial plugin on how to implement default WordPress Media Gallery in plugins.
    Uses only available hooks and filters; some WordPress programming skills required.
    Compatible up to WP 3.5.1.

  • jQuery image zoom – ZoomIt

    Version: 1.0.1 May 29, 2015 9239 downloads

    Image zooming plugin for jQuery with drag capabilites and touch enabled. Notable features: touch devices enabled, preloaders for full size images, zoomed area changes on drag or mouse move, compatible width jQuery 1.7.2.

  • jQuery responsive carousel

    Version: 1.0 May 19, 2015 240 downloads

    A responsive jQuery carousel. Some of the available options are: number of visible items, whether or not to return to first element once the end is reached, customizable items opacity on different mouse events. Compatible with jQuery 1.7.2.