WordPress YouTube plugin – easy video import

WordPress YouTube video import is a plugin that allows you to create video posts into any WordPress blog directly from YouTube videos, complete with titles, descriptions and categories. Making a WordPress video blog from scratch has never been easier. The plugin attaches the videos to video post type automatically. By allowing bulk imports of videos from YouTube you can basically create a video blog in a matter of minutes. Read more…

WordPress Media Gallery in plugins

This plugin serves as a documented example of using WordPress’s built-in Media Gallery in plugins. It only uses filters and hooks to achieve this without any JavaScript hacks or other tricks. Read more…

jQuery image zoom – ZoomIt

jQuery Image Zoom plugin provides a detailed view of smaller images placed into web pages proving itself specially useful on websites that need to display high resolution photos of products that can’t be displayed directly into web pages.


  • Touch enabled – works on touch-enabled devices like iPad, iPhone or Android;
  • Unlimited zooms on page – will not break your designs;
  • Two image sizes – using a smaller image to display in page will decrease page loading time;
  • Back-end loading – high resolution image will load only on demand (ie. when users wants to see the detailed view);
  • Style with CSS – by providing custom CSS classes you can style all aspects of zoom (preview area, high resolution image loading, zoomed image area);
  • Uses jQuery – this means you can easily use it on any WordPress blog.

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jQuery responsive carousel

jQuery responsive carousel is a lightweight carousel script that can be used all by itself to showcase images or can be incorporated in larger applications to be used for navigation purposes or other ways that may be found suitable.


  • Responsive – will work on any resolution;
  • Extensible – use events and functions to implement with existing scripts;
  • CSS styling – modify the aspect directly from stylesheets;
  • jQuery based – can be used on any WordPress installation.

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