Reply To: Few problems



Sorry, I think it’s internally running ok, although please let me know about the wget cron error.

There are 2 user channels, wikigameguides and nextgenwalkthroughs –

According to YouTube, wikigameguides has 12,406 videos, nextgenwalkthroughs has 1,238
According to the plugin, “Total videos” reports the same for both channels, so that’s good.

As of now, it has imported 10,159 of the wikigameguides videos and all 1,238 nextgenwalkthroughs videos.

I still haven’t seen any new videos since Nov 5th (13 days). Could that be because it’s still importing older videos (IE, 10,159 out of 12,406)? I’m not sure how the automatic import handles queries as far as old videos vs new videos. I know this is an extreme example of a site running your plugin 🙂

I went ahead and checked “When finished, import only new videos” either way just in case. 🙂