Reply To: Few problems



Sure, I’m here, sorry for the delay. For some reason the forum didn’t notify me of the new threads.

I’m seeing the images in the media library, but shouldn’t be showing them instead of the YouTube embed?

The way posts are displayed is entirely up to Avada, not the plugin. All the plugin does is to “write” the post for you, the way it is displayed isn’t controled by the plugin.

I see that cbc_video_post_content is a feature but I’m not sure how to use it. If it’s “Import descriptions as”, it’s set to post content.

cbc_video_post_content is a filter, has as params the post content (actual content retrieved from YouTube), the video details and whether the post is imported as theme post. You can use it like this:

function my_function( $post_content, $video, $theme_import ){

// process the contents of post in here

return $post_content;

add_filter(‘cbc_video_post_content’, ‘my_function’, 10, 3);

Also, as of now it has only imported around 450 videos. I’m seeing that the total videos between the 2 channels is around 15,000. Is there any way to speed up the import process? It’s obviously a lot at first but after the past videos are imported, the automatic import should suffice as there are anywhere from 0-5 new ones per day.

You could set import frequency to 1 minute but if you import thumbnails too, don’t import more than 10-20 videos at once. Today or tomorrow an update that allows server cron jobs will be published, you could set a cron job on your server to run every minute, it’s more reliable than the internal WP cron that doesn’t run if you’re website doesn’t have enough traffic (ie: 1 visit every X period of time you set in Settings).

BTW – Your plugin stopped working. The latest post was on the 5th. It’s now the 11th.

This could be due to lack of traffic. Server cron could help, please wait to the update, as I said previously, today or tomorrow.