Reply To: Few problems



I have “Set featured image unchecked” but it’s embedding the video on the blog page instead of showing the image. That’s why I bought the plugin.. 🙂 My goal to use the images in an Avada image slider that automatically displays images from the last 5 posts.

I don’t quite understand this so I’ll try to explain how the plugin works. When you import a video you have the option to import the video image as post featured image. Those images are saved into your Media Gallery so you should be able to use them into sliders.

Is there a way to parse links in the description so they’re links?

You can use filter cbc_video_post_content that will return the post content (actually the video description from YouTube) and try to detect URL’s in it and make them links. By default, YouTube will strip all HTML from descriptions.

I’m trying to import thousands of videos from 2 channels and I set them up in “Automatic import” – it seems to be importing some but they aren’t listed under All videos.

Can you please tell me the details of the 2 channels you’re trying to import (feed type and youtube ID)?

Sometimes importing videos under “Import videos” says “Site temporarily unavailable. Connection timed out – please try again.” Other times it says “Out of 50 videos, 0 were successfully imported and 50 were skipped.”

Try to import fewer videos at once, your server probably can’t handle 50 videos at once. To do this, modify the setting in plugin Settings page.

If posts are deleted will it reimport them?