Reply To: Video SEO for WordPress by Yoast



Unfortunately the plugin is a paid plugin and I can’t test to see how to make it compatible. Technically, it caqn be made compatible by using the built in filters and actions to automatically set the custom fields with the information needed. For example, for this plugin: the code code should be placed in WP theme functions.php file and will automatically add the custom fields for all new videos:

 * Enter Ultimate SEO fields for currently create post
 * @param int $post_id
 * @param array $video
 * @param array $theme_import
function cbc_ultimate_seo_fields( $post_id, $video, $theme_import ){
	if( !$theme_import ){
	$ultimate_seo_fields = array(
		'thumbloc' 		=> $video['thumbnails'][0],
		'thumbtitle' 	=> $video['title'],
		'thumbdesc' 	=> $video['description'],
		'thumbdate' 	=> $video['stats']['rating'],
		'thumbplayer' 	=> ''.$video['video_id'],
		'thumbduration' => $video['duration']		
	foreach( $ultimate_seo_fields as $field => $value ){
		update_post_meta( $post_id, $field, $value );
add_action('cbc_post_insert', 'cbc_ultimate_seo_fields', 10, 3);